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Tasty Turkey Totals

Whew! So many turkeys flapping around! Thanks to 50 brave players, who together killed 1026 wild turkeys, the world is once again safe-ish.

The standings before the final big invasion:
1) Dudemeister, 105 turkeys killed
2) Wern, 89
3) Otlotl, 86
4) Reality, 37
5) Oark, 23
– tied with –
5) Winter, 23
6) Flea, 17
– tied with –
6) Rng, 17
7) Whitehand, 15
8) Razumihin, 12
9) Balthamal, 10
– tied with –
9) Ygritte, 10
10) Cal, 9

And after all the feathers settled from the final hour of madness:

1) Otlotl, 397
2) Dudemeister, 105
3) Razumihin, 96
4) Wern, 89
5) Reality, 84
6) Oark, 23
– tied with –
6) Winter, 23
7) Neff, 18
8) Flea, 17
– tied with –
8) Rng, 17
9) Whitehand, 15
10) Balthamal, 10

Congratulations to the hunters! Thanks for helping keep Oerthe safe from bothersome birds!


Gobble Gobble! Wild Turkey Hunt

The sky is falling! No, wait. That’s not a piece of sky. It’s a delicious wild turkey!

Yes, the feathered menace is upon us again[1] and now is your chance to prove yourself the greatest turkey hunter on Oerthe!

Last year the 2-day invasion resulted in 443 turkey carcasses before the turkeys made their final large-scale assault, during which hundreds more flew in. There was so much confusion that at some point one of the birds turned on the rest of the flock and racked up some kills itself.

The top hunters last year were Levek (137), Winter (99), and Everything (49) before the birdnado descended towards the end of the reboot. The top hunters including birds slain during the final furious flock’s foray were Eco (377), Levek (293), and Arrikhan (209).

Who will take the lead this year? Will the birds claim any kills for their side? Can anyone actually eat that much turkey meat?

The next 49ish hours will decide!

[1] as of next reboot, in about 2 hours from this posting

Triumph Over Turkeys

The turkey hunt has ended!

47 players participated in the hunt, picking off the birds one at a time as they fluttered around the world. Near the end of the reboot, the standings were:

1) Levek, 137 turkeys killed
2) Winter, 99
3) Everything, 49
4) Arrikhan, 33
5) Alibi, 29
6) Dahlia, 23
7) Dreamweaver, 21
8) Whitehand, 19
9) Morghan, 17
10) Orifice, 16

The slaughter of these 443 birds was not unnoticed, and as Armageddon foretold the end of the world, there was a sudden invasion on a much larger scale. A fowl angry flock swept over the land, their leaders hidden among them. You, our players, stood your ground and bravely turned these terrible turkeys into palatable poultry by the dozens!

By the end of the reboot, turkeys had been killed in shocking numbers, leaving the post-invasion standings at:

1) Eco, 377 turkeys killed
2) Levek, 293
3) Arrikhan, 209
4) Arachnid, 147
5) Neff, 136
6) Everything, 128
7) Orifice, 126
8) Dahlia, 112
9) Winter, 99
10) Raederle, 82

And those leaders hidden in the flock? Arachnid killed two of them. Everything chased down and killed another.

Unfortunately, one escaped the carnage and was still alive at the end of the reboot. My sources inform me he is on his way back to… wherever turkeys come from, bringing with him knowledge of our land and defences, and will spend the months ahead training new hatchlings for the next invasion.

You have been warned.

Er… I mean, Happy Thanksgiving!

PS, in my initial post-reboot shout, I indicated 48 players had participated in the hunt. On closer review of the battle, it seems this was not correct. The 48th hunter was… a turkey. Any information about the courageous actions of this bird, who fought on our behalf today, is appreciated.

Turkey Hunt during Thanksgiving Reboot

A soft gobbling sound in the distance is growing louder; this can mean only one thing – the world is poised to once again be invaded by pesky yet delicious turkeys!

We have a few days’ advance notice, so begin your holiday planning now. What weapon(s) will you use to defend the land against the feathered menace? Will you eat all the yummy meat yourself or share with your friends and neighbours? Is there any truth to the rumour that the vicious leader of the invasion, under guise of a normal average turkey, will lead the final charge itself?

And who among you will kill the most of these creatures and forever be remembered as the most glorious and celebrated hunter of turkeys? (until next year)

[For many timezones, the Thanksgiving reboot will begin sometime Wednesday and end 49ish hours later on Friday. Your days may vary if you live somewhere upside down or on distant Infidian. Please use the ‘time’ command to estimate your local times of reboots.]

The wrath of the turkeys

On a fine night of Nethory of 629, a gobbling sound could be heard in the distance. We had gotten used to the idea that every couple of years, the turkey population would peak in… that place they live in normally, and cause them to wander out of their homes and appear even in the outskirts of Tantallon.

But this time, something was wrong. The sound was getting louder.

Much louder.

Suddenly, we found ourselves under assault by a deranged flock of turkeys! Rumour got out that they had leaders that were particularly vicious, but it is hard to tell one turkey apart from another so a surgical strike was impossible. We took down three wave leaders, two of whom landed fell into Otter’s claws and promptly expired before causing extensive harm. Darvinia took care of the third.

It took almost an hour before Tantallon was liberated; the streets ran red with blood and turkey carcasses piled up everywhere. Armageddon threatened that he would bring down fire and brimstone to be sure that every last turkey would be dealt with.

We managed to fight back the turkey invasion this time. Word has it that this has happened before, long ago. Varys the numerologist has calculated that the strange events of today may yet recur as the history moves in cycles, and the fowl will strike with even greater numbers. Protesters in Nepeth demand that the King prepare his armies for the worst, while peacekeepers in Gemynd have started training on how to not be debilitated by binge eating. It never hurts to prepare, after all.

Update 28.11.2012: Reporter’s eye-mind-finger connection failed again; turkey-killer name corrected.