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Rabbit Invasion Response

The world was invaded by thousands of rabbits this past weekend; 38 players and 5 NPCs responded to the call to help stave off the fluffy horde. In spite of the many rabbits slain during those long 49 hours, 191 were still on the loose when Armageddon cleaned up the world.

And sadly, the vile creatures managed to murder two of our own during the last day of the hunt. Chreadus the novice magician was the first victim of the vicious lepus. He was followed hours later by Stome, who apparently did not learn his lesson from last year (when he was the sole rabbit-induced fatality).

Final ranking and kill counts:

1 – Levek, 2016
2 – Calvin, 1011
3 – Juanka, 350
4 – Dudemeister, 326
5 – Groot, 308
6 – Zorb, 155
7 – Shadap, 153
8 – Spoo, 117
9 – Neff, 114
10 – Flowerchild, 93
11 – Qz, 67
12 – Otter, 56
13 – Fact, 24
14 – Rangerman, 12
15 – Tanner, 10
16 – Druenarrii, 7
17 – Treesmall, 4
Owitzer, 4
18 – Atomik, 3
Dringol, 3
Geko, 3
Karlson, 3
Sammaal, 3
Variant, 3
19 – Narbondel, 2
Punk, 2
Raederle, 2
Tamnar, 2
Zirien, 2
20 – Aladar, 1
Guffaw, 1
Jeauxpaux, 1
Krynna, 1
Meiltan, 1
Sixclaw, 1
Spelly, 1
Vloki, 1
Wern, 1

1 – Student, 5 (down from an impressive 66 last year)
2 – Lizard mage, 2
Lizard sergeant, 2
3- Lizard guard, 1
Snow wolf, 1

Thanks to all who participated and those who cheered them on, and congratulations to Levek, this year’s winner!


It’s Over! NostAAlgia Winners

It’s over! 131 characters registered for the event. Although not all were there to try for a Hall of Heroes experience run, much fun was also had poking around in a smaller, more buggy universe.

Congratulations to Druenarrii, who held #1 for most of the event, and retook it after Gwydion and his unnatural relationship with the dead tried to wrest it away. Druenarrii was in 1st place at the end of the event, so the fate of Trofy Sjakk is his to decide!

Congratulations also to our top runners in each class: Reality, Epictetus, Calvin, Raederle, Gwydion, Druenarrii, Jeanie, Piggy, and ‘Kensai of the Moon’. Hall of Heroes VIP passes will be awarded to each of you. They are good for one year from today.

Now relax and enjoy not falling into rivers in 2015 while your wrists and fingers recover from mashing at the keyboard 🙂

(But don’t relax too much… I hear a faint but ominous gobbling sound in the distance. The turkey horde is almost upon us!)

Final NostAAlgia Hall of Heroes Standings

May 2003 Hall of Heroes Standings

Gems and Minerals Scavenge Hunt Commentary

The top part of the list was very turbulent throughout the game: Levek
made the first submission, then Krynna and Chthonic got started, and
soon Krynna started to dominate the contest past the 50-submission
mark, Dudemeister second.

At this point we also implemented an alternative score counting method
because artificers were seen to have a benefit, and excluded ficer
gatherables from it: on his first coffee break, Calvin took over first
position on that list for a moment, then Chthonic took over
that one again.

After the first 15 hours or so, as the contest was nearing 200
submissions total, Druenarrii had taken over first place on both
lists, after which the artificer class benefit was mostly only
trailing in the total scores’ Bear guild lead. Lavalamp brought
Snowfolk to the lead without ficer scores, and a few hours later had
wrestled the first place in total scores from Druenarrii. Levek had
risen second, to overtake Lavalamp a couple hours later. At this
point, Ravens and Eldar had joined the fray as well.

Creative players tried to stuff their fluon selves into the box, and
pondered hijacking Sandruby, but he declared he would not submit! At
the 400 submitted items mark, Calvin had taken second place. At the
500 point, he still was second, but the leader had changed to Chthonic
who stayed there for several hours before being wrestled off his place
in the sun by Levek, only 1,5 hours before reboot, at 600 total items
submitted and 23 total participants. At this point the Monks and Chaos
had entered the contest as well.

The highest two submitters passed the 100-submission mark, as did
their guilds.

The Bears dominated the scores for a long time, but eventually the
Snowfolk passed them and achieved victory! Scythe followed after in
its own class, with Knights fourth. Of the smaller guilds, The Monks
made the most submissions, followed closely by The Eldar, with Ravens
and Chaos tied for last place.

Knights and Scythe were not particularly well distributed: both had
their top submitter cover all but 4 of the guild’s submissions,
whereas both the Snowfolk and Black Bear had a more even contribution
towards the total score despite having very high performers. Bears
were collaborative on the event in general, and also used the guild
chutes effectively to collaborate on duplicated finds.

The Courts of Chaos entered the contest almost when it was over,
likely reasoning that in chaotic terms, the activity was only just
starting. Very fittingly, their sole submission was a lump of clay,
which the submission box confusedly accepted.

Gems and Minerals Scavenge Hunt Results

The gem hunt is over! The top 5 gem/mineral scavenge hunters are
Levek, Chthonic, Calvin, Druenarrii and Lavalamp!

Final scores:
Player scores sorted:
1) Levek: 113
2) Chthonic: 108
3) Calvin: 80
4) Druenarrii: 64
5) Lavalamp: 53
6) Dudemeister: 35
7) Wiolant: 34
8) Krynna: 34
9) Pandora: 30
10) Keldorn: 17
11) Wern: 17
12) Winter: 11
13) Raederle: 9
14) Zirien: 9
15) Suq: 7
16) Dahlia: 6
17) Balthamal: 5
18) Valygar: 4
19) Puma: 2
20) Villara: 2
21) Solice: 1
22) Valor: 1
23) Kylie: 1
24) Razumihin: 1
Total: 644

Guild scores sorted:
1) The Snowfolk: 135
2) The Black Bear: 126
3) The Scythe: 84
4) The Knights of Drin: 68
5) The Monks of Antana: 17
6) The Eldar: 9
7) Society of the Raven: 2
8) The Courts of Chaos: 1

Final scores in the alternative calculation without Artificer collectibles:

Player scores without ficer gems sorted:
1) Chthonic: 108
2) Levek: 94
3) Calvin: 58
4) Druenarrii: 54
5) Lavalamp: 53
6) Pandora: 26
7) Keldorn: 17
8) Wiolant: 16
9) Dudemeister: 13
10) Krynna: 12
11) Winter: 11
12) Raederle: 9
13) Zirien: 9
14) Suq: 7
15) Dahlia: 6
16) Balthamal: 5
17) Puma: 2
18) Villara: 2
19) Solice: 1
20) Valor: 1
21) Razumihin: 1
22) Kylie: 0
23) Valygar: 0
24) Wern: 0
Total: 505

Guild scores without ficer gems sorted:
1) The Snowfolk: 131
2) The Black Bear: 104
3) The Scythe: 62
4) The Knights of Drin: 56
5) The Eldar: 9
6) Society of the Raven: 2
7) The Courts of Chaos: 0
8) The Monks of Antana: 0

Additional mention for creativity:

The machinery was (as expected) unable to detect a few distinctly
gemlike items as gems, and the event was a big help in improving our
knowledge of what kinds of gems and minerals exist in the
game. Druenarrii found the most exotic suggestions for items (ballpark
of 50); also Calvin, Levek and Lavalamp got quite creative. Thanks
also to Krynna, Dahlia, Wern, Keldorn, Chthonic, Zirien, Dudemeister,
Solice, Valor, Raederle, Wiolant and Cateri for their suggestions, and
Pandora for voting on 4 ores to be included! Calvin and Lavalamp also
both found a bug in duplicate handling.