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Halloween Hunt and Treat Results

530 different NPCs were sweet-talked into giving out treats this year. A total of ten players made the rounds collecting candies. Competition was somewhat less fierce than last year, when 816 different NPCs handed out treats, and the top three trick-or-treaters collected more than 400 treats each.

This year’s top three sweet-gatherers:

Otter 405
Desiree 211
Syros 156

Honourable mention goes to Sugarcookie, Cateri, and Lavalamp, who each collected over 100, and Dudemeister, who collected 28 while also running ragged across the realm to wipe out the shambling horde.

In all, 26 players joined the fray against said horde. Combined, they rid the world of 411 creepy creatures! Last year the total kill count was 290. The battle for first place seemed predetermined, with Dudemeister holding the lead for much of the hunt. In the last days he was overtaken by the determined Balthamal, who refused to give way and finished in first place.

The top three slayers:

Balthamal 167
Dudemeister 147
Lavalamp 21

Happy Halloween!


Halloween Hunt and Treat results

Brave Luthien reports:

The creepy creatures who have ravaged the lands in years past were
reportedly less common this year, presenting a bit of a challenge for
our brave slayers, but delighting rangers, ficers, and other people with
a fondness for the corpses of local fauna.

37 players participated in the hunt, with a total kill count of 290.

Of those, the top three hunters were:
* Spoo, 92 kills
* Dillinger, 61
* Pandora, 29

While rumours of undeads roaming the countryside did not lead to a
travel warning, the Ancient Anguish Tourism Council appreciates the
efforts of all who took part in the removal of these unsightly

ps, more hunting in a few weeks! turkey carcasses, mmm…

Sweet-toothed Bytre adds:

There was extensive trick-or-treating this year. A total of 816 different
humanoid creatures handed out candy, far more than in previous years. Arch
wizard Bytre was “flabbergasted” that this many treat-giving creatures were
actually in Ancient Anguish!

The top three trick or treaters:

Spoo, who collected 598 pieces of candy
Mbebe, who collecxted 561 candies
Pandora, with a count of 475
Plus runners up Starry (228) and Darksaber (110), who both got more than 100.

Until next year… Happy Halloween!

The Halloween Hunt

Because hunting for witches is like totally last week, we are instituting
a “hug a ranger, kiss a ficer, kill an undead” rule for Halloween!

Find all things that look weird to you and kill them to check that they
are not monsters who have turned into even more monstrous monstrosities
due to the evil powers that haunt the realm during the Dark Ages around
this part of the year.

Those who have promptly dispatched with the most ghastlinesses at the end
of the period will be proudly displayed on boards and Gemynd Post, and
bought at least one beer by happy rangers.