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Rabbit Invasion Response

The world was invaded by thousands of rabbits this past weekend; 38 players and 5 NPCs responded to the call to help stave off the fluffy horde. In spite of the many rabbits slain during those long 49 hours, 191 were still on the loose when Armageddon cleaned up the world.

And sadly, the vile creatures managed to murder two of our own during the last day of the hunt. Chreadus the novice magician was the first victim of the vicious lepus. He was followed hours later by Stome, who apparently did not learn his lesson from last year (when he was the sole rabbit-induced fatality).

Final ranking and kill counts:

1 – Levek, 2016
2 – Calvin, 1011
3 – Juanka, 350
4 – Dudemeister, 326
5 – Groot, 308
6 – Zorb, 155
7 – Shadap, 153
8 – Spoo, 117
9 – Neff, 114
10 – Flowerchild, 93
11 – Qz, 67
12 – Otter, 56
13 – Fact, 24
14 – Rangerman, 12
15 – Tanner, 10
16 – Druenarrii, 7
17 – Treesmall, 4
Owitzer, 4
18 – Atomik, 3
Dringol, 3
Geko, 3
Karlson, 3
Sammaal, 3
Variant, 3
19 – Narbondel, 2
Punk, 2
Raederle, 2
Tamnar, 2
Zirien, 2
20 – Aladar, 1
Guffaw, 1
Jeauxpaux, 1
Krynna, 1
Meiltan, 1
Sixclaw, 1
Spelly, 1
Vloki, 1
Wern, 1

1 – Student, 5 (down from an impressive 66 last year)
2 – Lizard mage, 2
Lizard sergeant, 2
3- Lizard guard, 1
Snow wolf, 1

Thanks to all who participated and those who cheered them on, and congratulations to Levek, this year’s winner!


Tasty Turkey Totals

Whew! So many turkeys flapping around! Thanks to 50 brave players, who together killed 1026 wild turkeys, the world is once again safe-ish.

The standings before the final big invasion:
1) Dudemeister, 105 turkeys killed
2) Wern, 89
3) Otlotl, 86
4) Reality, 37
5) Oark, 23
– tied with –
5) Winter, 23
6) Flea, 17
– tied with –
6) Rng, 17
7) Whitehand, 15
8) Razumihin, 12
9) Balthamal, 10
– tied with –
9) Ygritte, 10
10) Cal, 9

And after all the feathers settled from the final hour of madness:

1) Otlotl, 397
2) Dudemeister, 105
3) Razumihin, 96
4) Wern, 89
5) Reality, 84
6) Oark, 23
– tied with –
6) Winter, 23
7) Neff, 18
8) Flea, 17
– tied with –
8) Rng, 17
9) Whitehand, 15
10) Balthamal, 10

Congratulations to the hunters! Thanks for helping keep Oerthe safe from bothersome birds!

Gobble Gobble! Wild Turkey Hunt

The sky is falling! No, wait. That’s not a piece of sky. It’s a delicious wild turkey!

Yes, the feathered menace is upon us again[1] and now is your chance to prove yourself the greatest turkey hunter on Oerthe!

Last year the 2-day invasion resulted in 443 turkey carcasses before the turkeys made their final large-scale assault, during which hundreds more flew in. There was so much confusion that at some point one of the birds turned on the rest of the flock and racked up some kills itself.

The top hunters last year were Levek (137), Winter (99), and Everything (49) before the birdnado descended towards the end of the reboot. The top hunters including birds slain during the final furious flock’s foray were Eco (377), Levek (293), and Arrikhan (209).

Who will take the lead this year? Will the birds claim any kills for their side? Can anyone actually eat that much turkey meat?

The next 49ish hours will decide!

[1] as of next reboot, in about 2 hours from this posting

It’s Over! NostAAlgia Winners

It’s over! 131 characters registered for the event. Although not all were there to try for a Hall of Heroes experience run, much fun was also had poking around in a smaller, more buggy universe.

Congratulations to Druenarrii, who held #1 for most of the event, and retook it after Gwydion and his unnatural relationship with the dead tried to wrest it away. Druenarrii was in 1st place at the end of the event, so the fate of Trofy Sjakk is his to decide!

Congratulations also to our top runners in each class: Reality, Epictetus, Calvin, Raederle, Gwydion, Druenarrii, Jeanie, Piggy, and ‘Kensai of the Moon’. Hall of Heroes VIP passes will be awarded to each of you. They are good for one year from today.

Now relax and enjoy not falling into rivers in 2015 while your wrists and fingers recover from mashing at the keyboard 🙂

(But don’t relax too much… I hear a faint but ominous gobbling sound in the distance. The turkey horde is almost upon us!)

Final NostAAlgia Hall of Heroes Standings

May 2003 Hall of Heroes Standings

NostAAlgia Registration Now Open

Registration for NostAAlgia is now available in the Town Hall in Tantallon!

NostAAlgia is a 2003-era version of Ancient Anguish… A world before Infidian, Traits, Artificers, Fluons, 49-hour reboots, levels past 19, and much more. Come relive the memories or marvel at how those oldtimers used to play; stick around and try your hand at an old-school Hall of Heroes experience run for a shot at a fabulous prize!

Remember that you are STRONGLY advised to choose the class you wish to play as BEFORE registering. (i.e., if you make a new alt, don’t register as an adventurer unless you really want to play NostAAlgia as an adventurer…)

NostAAlgia itself will be available for play beginning November 7 and ending November 22. Registration will be available during that time as well.

The main mud will still be available for normal play; NostAAlgia will run on the Anarchy port (6666) though it is not an Anarchy event (normal rules apply!)

Please see my previous posts on the Adventurer’s Board for more information, and do ask if you have any additional questions!

If you are unable to register for any reason, contact a Senator.

Previous notes:
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Halloween Hunt and Treat Results

530 different NPCs were sweet-talked into giving out treats this year. A total of ten players made the rounds collecting candies. Competition was somewhat less fierce than last year, when 816 different NPCs handed out treats, and the top three trick-or-treaters collected more than 400 treats each.

This year’s top three sweet-gatherers:

Otter 405
Desiree 211
Syros 156

Honourable mention goes to Sugarcookie, Cateri, and Lavalamp, who each collected over 100, and Dudemeister, who collected 28 while also running ragged across the realm to wipe out the shambling horde.

In all, 26 players joined the fray against said horde. Combined, they rid the world of 411 creepy creatures! Last year the total kill count was 290. The battle for first place seemed predetermined, with Dudemeister holding the lead for much of the hunt. In the last days he was overtaken by the determined Balthamal, who refused to give way and finished in first place.

The top three slayers:

Balthamal 167
Dudemeister 147
Lavalamp 21

Happy Halloween!

AA West Coast (US) Meet, est. 2015

It happened! There were adventures! and games! and beer! and art! and nobody got axe-murdered, as far as we’ve been able to tell!

The official meetingplace, as arranged by Everything, was in the hills of Carnation at the beautiful woodland home of our lovely and generous hostess, Basil/Bizarre/Obelina. There was also some premeeting meeting in Seattle itself, at which Kamikaze interacted with art (thanks, Maker’s brother!), Luthien explored the nose of a troll, Maker and Crystallia were surprised by a drum circle, and we all waved at some geese behind a fence.

The first evening (and throughout the weekend, thanks to copious leftovers) we gorged on amazing and apparently endless pizza brought by Maker and Crystallia. They also brought Everything, but after some ethical considerations we decided not to eat him. Games were played, an elephant hat was passed around, scenic views were enjoyed, and although there was talk of camping and stuff, not many actually decided to spend the night outside getting devoured by bears and/or cougars. It was also a bit chilly out there.

The following day, expeditions were launched to explore the nearby Snoqualmie Falls, and after wandering around in the hot sun and splashing a bit in the cold river, we reconvened at the house for Basil’s delicious burgers and mushrooms and more games games games. Ciarrai somehow tracked us down without a wolf. We assume he left it at home so as not to dirty its perfect coat.

During the evening games, Maker and Crystallia presented all attendees with a secret prize they had been labouring over for GeOdie knows how long… Handmade wooden coasters with the Anguish map burned into them symbol by symbol. Some discussion and showing of other map-based crafts followed the unveiling, and then we all fought to the death over who got to keep which part of the map. After a couple minutes of singing with Lars, the games continued.

In the morning we went to visit Basil’s unicorn! And some were even brave enough to ride it. We also saw a piggy there enjoying a nice mud puddle, but are pretty sure it was not The Piggy. The mud puddle may have been a fluon though, those things are everywhere these days.

There were some postmeeting adventures with marmots and a mountain, both of which I highly recommend if you are ever in the region.

A small selection of additional photos is available for viewing.

Much thanks to Everything for instigating the weekend and to Basil for opening her home to internet weirdos! It was wonderful to meet everyone and I look forward to the next AAdventure!