Gems and Minerals Scavenge Hunt Commentary

The top part of the list was very turbulent throughout the game: Levek
made the first submission, then Krynna and Chthonic got started, and
soon Krynna started to dominate the contest past the 50-submission
mark, Dudemeister second.

At this point we also implemented an alternative score counting method
because artificers were seen to have a benefit, and excluded ficer
gatherables from it: on his first coffee break, Calvin took over first
position on that list for a moment, then Chthonic took over
that one again.

After the first 15 hours or so, as the contest was nearing 200
submissions total, Druenarrii had taken over first place on both
lists, after which the artificer class benefit was mostly only
trailing in the total scores’ Bear guild lead. Lavalamp brought
Snowfolk to the lead without ficer scores, and a few hours later had
wrestled the first place in total scores from Druenarrii. Levek had
risen second, to overtake Lavalamp a couple hours later. At this
point, Ravens and Eldar had joined the fray as well.

Creative players tried to stuff their fluon selves into the box, and
pondered hijacking Sandruby, but he declared he would not submit! At
the 400 submitted items mark, Calvin had taken second place. At the
500 point, he still was second, but the leader had changed to Chthonic
who stayed there for several hours before being wrestled off his place
in the sun by Levek, only 1,5 hours before reboot, at 600 total items
submitted and 23 total participants. At this point the Monks and Chaos
had entered the contest as well.

The highest two submitters passed the 100-submission mark, as did
their guilds.

The Bears dominated the scores for a long time, but eventually the
Snowfolk passed them and achieved victory! Scythe followed after in
its own class, with Knights fourth. Of the smaller guilds, The Monks
made the most submissions, followed closely by The Eldar, with Ravens
and Chaos tied for last place.

Knights and Scythe were not particularly well distributed: both had
their top submitter cover all but 4 of the guild’s submissions,
whereas both the Snowfolk and Black Bear had a more even contribution
towards the total score despite having very high performers. Bears
were collaborative on the event in general, and also used the guild
chutes effectively to collaborate on duplicated finds.

The Courts of Chaos entered the contest almost when it was over,
likely reasoning that in chaotic terms, the activity was only just
starting. Very fittingly, their sole submission was a lump of clay,
which the submission box confusedly accepted.


Gems and Minerals Scavenge Hunt Results

The gem hunt is over! The top 5 gem/mineral scavenge hunters are
Levek, Chthonic, Calvin, Druenarrii and Lavalamp!

Final scores:
Player scores sorted:
1) Levek: 113
2) Chthonic: 108
3) Calvin: 80
4) Druenarrii: 64
5) Lavalamp: 53
6) Dudemeister: 35
7) Wiolant: 34
8) Krynna: 34
9) Pandora: 30
10) Keldorn: 17
11) Wern: 17
12) Winter: 11
13) Raederle: 9
14) Zirien: 9
15) Suq: 7
16) Dahlia: 6
17) Balthamal: 5
18) Valygar: 4
19) Puma: 2
20) Villara: 2
21) Solice: 1
22) Valor: 1
23) Kylie: 1
24) Razumihin: 1
Total: 644

Guild scores sorted:
1) The Snowfolk: 135
2) The Black Bear: 126
3) The Scythe: 84
4) The Knights of Drin: 68
5) The Monks of Antana: 17
6) The Eldar: 9
7) Society of the Raven: 2
8) The Courts of Chaos: 1

Final scores in the alternative calculation without Artificer collectibles:

Player scores without ficer gems sorted:
1) Chthonic: 108
2) Levek: 94
3) Calvin: 58
4) Druenarrii: 54
5) Lavalamp: 53
6) Pandora: 26
7) Keldorn: 17
8) Wiolant: 16
9) Dudemeister: 13
10) Krynna: 12
11) Winter: 11
12) Raederle: 9
13) Zirien: 9
14) Suq: 7
15) Dahlia: 6
16) Balthamal: 5
17) Puma: 2
18) Villara: 2
19) Solice: 1
20) Valor: 1
21) Razumihin: 1
22) Kylie: 0
23) Valygar: 0
24) Wern: 0
Total: 505

Guild scores without ficer gems sorted:
1) The Snowfolk: 131
2) The Black Bear: 104
3) The Scythe: 62
4) The Knights of Drin: 56
5) The Eldar: 9
6) Society of the Raven: 2
7) The Courts of Chaos: 0
8) The Monks of Antana: 0

Additional mention for creativity:

The machinery was (as expected) unable to detect a few distinctly
gemlike items as gems, and the event was a big help in improving our
knowledge of what kinds of gems and minerals exist in the
game. Druenarrii found the most exotic suggestions for items (ballpark
of 50); also Calvin, Levek and Lavalamp got quite creative. Thanks
also to Krynna, Dahlia, Wern, Keldorn, Chthonic, Zirien, Dudemeister,
Solice, Valor, Raederle, Wiolant and Cateri for their suggestions, and
Pandora for voting on 4 ores to be included! Calvin and Lavalamp also
both found a bug in duplicate handling.

Keepink: 500k points reached

The exotic artifact collection craze has spread through the realm!

As of Harvestmonth 7, 648, a total of 502 607 points have been gained
by 16 contributors! Several of them report the system as being
addictive to a degree of interfering with the invention of other

When Keepink started her business, she decided that when the magical
threshold of 500 000 granted points was reached, she would hire the
help to make preparations for the next collection display. This point
has now been reached, and enquiries are being made for what the next
collection will focus on. Please send in or post your suggestions!

The current scores are:

Best Artifact Collectors

 1.   Lavalamp         90,604
 2.  Druenarrii        89,868
 3.   Sixclaw          88,869
 4.     Spoo           68,125
 5. Dudemeister        61,076
 6.   Calcium          34,398
 7.  Influenza         20,567
 8. Ashenshugar        16,707
 9.    Zayvin           8,855
10.    Kivrin           6,897

                 Contributors  Total score   Average score
The Courts of Chaos      1       88,869        88,869
The Knights of Drin      3       97,741        32,580
The Monks of Antana      1        4,828         4,828
The Snowfolk             5      133,871        26,774
The Black Bear           1       61,076        61,076
The Scythe               4       48,097        12,024
The guildless            1       68,125        68,125

The Snowfolk have both the highest total contributor count and the
highest total score, while the Courts of Chaos have the highest
average score through one quality contributor!

A collector’s haven

You hear some excited chattering coming from the far east.
A Gemynd peacekeeper shouts: Where did my pants go? They were one of a kind!
Diggan shouts: Nooo! My boat in a firebreather bottle! It is lost!
Tossink muses: One man’s treasures are another one’s… collection?
You sense the world has gotten bigger.

An entrepeneurial opossum is establishing a museum in the far east. She
is looking for donations of extraordinary items. For those with a
competitive streak, she has established some top lists of contributors.

We will report further developments as they develop.

Fir would like to add that remarks about the scoring and later expansion are on the suggestion board.

Mystery of the Dragon-Mage Revealed

by Investigative Reporter Formwolf
with minor embellishments by Pihlaja

For years and years, scholars of Anguish have struggled to explain a
strange phenomenon taking place at the Fub’s Fortress: A mage in service
of Fub is reportedly able to morph into a dragon, and has even been seen
together with a dragon egg.

But how can that be, when he is clearly human, and not just that, he is
also despite his typical magely good looks still looking quite pointedly

Our Investigative Reporter has found a very reliable account of this
under the table of the Hobbitat Pub. It reveals that the mage and a red
dragon had a fiery love affair until the Knights brutally put an end to
their happiness, egged on by the bloodthirsty Bartholomew.

So the mage showed up to the site, too late to save his lover but he
valiantly broke through the lines of Knights in a desperate effort to
save the offspring that their forbidden love had created. He barely
escaped with his life to Fub’s fortress under the guise of a huge dragon
to raise the egg he had rescued.

Sadly, their idyllic family life seems to be often interrupted by
unaccepting adventures showing up to disrupt it. It is really not very
easy being a single father of a baby dragon.

To queries about whether the red dragon is certifiably female then, we
encourage the reader to try to ask it to let you check more closely.

A 2nd on Topmudsites – welcome, newcomers!

Ancient Anguish has been ranked 2nd on Topmudsites for about a month now, thanks to an energetic campaign reminding people to vote!

New players keep wandering in as a result at a regular pace – welcome to AA, we are happy to see you!

Cooking by recipe

Dear adventurers,

As some of you might already have found out, Weli, the head cook of
Morin farm, has developed a tasty new shifa recipe. It has been praised
by those lucky enough to have tasted it, from random expert inn patrons
from the Gold Cat to the Smoking Roc.

In an interview Weli has also expressed a willingness to help curious
visitors with the actual work to make it as long as they help out a bit
in his kitchen. “I love learning new recipes myself, so getting lots of
visitors with interests in cooking sounds great for me!”



PS. More recipes are coming, submit your favourite recipe idea today!