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Tasty Turkey Totals

Whew! So many turkeys flapping around! Thanks to 50 brave players, who together killed 1026 wild turkeys, the world is once again safe-ish.

The standings before the final big invasion:
1) Dudemeister, 105 turkeys killed
2) Wern, 89
3) Otlotl, 86
4) Reality, 37
5) Oark, 23
– tied with –
5) Winter, 23
6) Flea, 17
– tied with –
6) Rng, 17
7) Whitehand, 15
8) Razumihin, 12
9) Balthamal, 10
– tied with –
9) Ygritte, 10
10) Cal, 9

And after all the feathers settled from the final hour of madness:

1) Otlotl, 397
2) Dudemeister, 105
3) Razumihin, 96
4) Wern, 89
5) Reality, 84
6) Oark, 23
– tied with –
6) Winter, 23
7) Neff, 18
8) Flea, 17
– tied with –
8) Rng, 17
9) Whitehand, 15
10) Balthamal, 10

Congratulations to the hunters! Thanks for helping keep Oerthe safe from bothersome birds!


Gobble Gobble! Wild Turkey Hunt

The sky is falling! No, wait. That’s not a piece of sky. It’s a delicious wild turkey!

Yes, the feathered menace is upon us again[1] and now is your chance to prove yourself the greatest turkey hunter on Oerthe!

Last year the 2-day invasion resulted in 443 turkey carcasses before the turkeys made their final large-scale assault, during which hundreds more flew in. There was so much confusion that at some point one of the birds turned on the rest of the flock and racked up some kills itself.

The top hunters last year were Levek (137), Winter (99), and Everything (49) before the birdnado descended towards the end of the reboot. The top hunters including birds slain during the final furious flock’s foray were Eco (377), Levek (293), and Arrikhan (209).

Who will take the lead this year? Will the birds claim any kills for their side? Can anyone actually eat that much turkey meat?

The next 49ish hours will decide!

[1] as of next reboot, in about 2 hours from this posting

It’s Over! NostAAlgia Winners

It’s over! 131 characters registered for the event. Although not all were there to try for a Hall of Heroes experience run, much fun was also had poking around in a smaller, more buggy universe.

Congratulations to Druenarrii, who held #1 for most of the event, and retook it after Gwydion and his unnatural relationship with the dead tried to wrest it away. Druenarrii was in 1st place at the end of the event, so the fate of Trofy Sjakk is his to decide!

Congratulations also to our top runners in each class: Reality, Epictetus, Calvin, Raederle, Gwydion, Druenarrii, Jeanie, Piggy, and ‘Kensai of the Moon’. Hall of Heroes VIP passes will be awarded to each of you. They are good for one year from today.

Now relax and enjoy not falling into rivers in 2015 while your wrists and fingers recover from mashing at the keyboard 🙂

(But don’t relax too much… I hear a faint but ominous gobbling sound in the distance. The turkey horde is almost upon us!)

Final NostAAlgia Hall of Heroes Standings

May 2003 Hall of Heroes Standings

Second EuropAA meet questions paternal relations

The second European AA meet took place in August, with just about the same crew as last time. Calandryll surprised us all by mysteriously having turned into a little girl, but we adjusted quickly. (After all, he spends most of his time as an elf mage.)

We met up with Wong after a successful application of mind-reading techniques and advanced strategy in the absence of any sober messenger pidgeons. As the story unfolded and special chocolate of deep learning was exchanged, we started to suspect that Calandryll might not be himself (nor herself) after all. We soon learned that he was in fact absent, reportedly stuck after going mining in a treasure map cave.

Showing a high degree of built-in evil (or saintliness), Oark guided us to an outlet of a high-class sweets factory. There, among other things, were one-libra sacks of collected samples and wallfuls of unforeseen addictive blends. All in all, it made at least this reporter very happy of having packed particularly lightly… Meanwhile we were updated that Calandryll had gotten on the Tantallon coachline service, and would take but a little while to get to us.

There was a surprise mobile amusement park next to the factory, so we went to give it a spin. True to her Finnish genetics, Fir demonstrated ballistic prowess by flinging angry-bird-shaped balls at green pig jars with a slingshot. In a nearby air rifle stand, the gun-toting Monk GM proceeded to threaten Wong with acute blinding by aggressive shrapnel, but he managed to escape unscathed. Kamikaze’s aim was better (and luckily he was not out to mutilate anyone at the time). On our way out, we offered a spoonful of cotton candy to the local wasp gods, who in return were willing to pose for a shot and promised good giant wasp harvest in southwestern woods for the coming year. Inspired by this, Calandryll ate some greenleaf cookies, took off his clothes and dashed off into the forest to live in harmony with nature.


We also took a day trip to Cologne to check out the local water and other sights. Some kind of race was going on there. Forerunners dressed in pink told us that Calandryll had been caught into the Drakhiya harem, potentially during his dash in the woods.

Before we headed out, Oark took us to a church built by Monks who were told to not make it too pretty first, then allowed to add a bit of colour, and during the last decade snuck in a bit extra colour. The place looked just like AA: elaborately beautiful in sneaky ways due to certain limitations set to expression (like being textual). A very fitting place! Cal was unable to make it, unfortunately, having wandered around deep in thought and accidentally fallen through the mist enclosing our world. We will set out a search party to find him.

Some of the best moments, again, were in the evenings and mornings around the big table, where the world was improved, drinks and jams were sampled, sensitive people with no ability to read Oark’s poker face mentally damaged, and Calandryll’s misadventure with a mysterious delivery of 27 whiteleaf essence bottles reminesced upon. Sleep deprivation was all forgotten thanks to a mirror clock that made time move backwards.

The most important life lesson we learned: When a small girl points at you and enthusiastically announces, “I am your father!” the correct answer is “Nnnooooo!” and optionally clutching your stump of a wrist in agony. Search your feelings, you know it to be true!

A ton of other things have been omitted for space again; you just have to be there for the rest. Until next year!

(This is one of the side windows. Check out the closer-up.)

Kryngle sighted!

Kryngle the jolly woodsman has been sighted! He is selling decorations for houses, and hauls around a sack of presents to all who have been nice.

In the Ancient Inn of Tantallon, a holiday tree awaits your decorations! At the time of this writing, The Snowfolk have the most decorations on the tree.

If you have not been particularly nice, you might still be able to spot an unguarded present at the Tantallon Inn.

Richard Bartle recommends AA

As our guest reporter Newt has discovered, Ancient Anguish has been getting some nice positive publicity:

Richard Bartle, co-creator of the first MUD, in an interview with Massively’s Justin Olivetti recommended Ancient Anguish as a fun, early-era, but still-thriving game. The interview is part of a month-long piece on MUDs from as part of their Game Archeologist piece.

Massively is an MMO blog run by video game blog, which in turn is part of the AOL news network.

What a great vote of confidence from a prolific gamer and game designer!

(From the Adventurer’s board.)

A Letter From A Concerned Raeder(le)

Dear editors,

I believe the Canticle Gemynd Post should do an in-depth inquiry into a matter of grave concern to me. It is the matter of the Curse of the Dark Stranger.

For a while now I have noticed that if you should talk to one in a bar or inn of some sort, you will always leave there with an innocently looking map of some sort, rumoured to lead you to fabulous treasure.

Following the instructions on the map, you may successfully discover a hidden temple, or beauteous grove of some sort, and yes, invariably there is some sort of treasure chest in the spot maked by X, but…

When you *open* the chest… you always find another piece of paper inside, telling you that this was not, indeed X, but Y, and that you will find X somewhere else.

I believe I have enough evidence of this phenomenon to call this, truly, a Cursed business. It drives one on, and on, and on… ever to search for the elusive treasure, never finding it. In fact; I believe searching for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is more rewarding. It can drive one to ruin and madness, and sleepless nights!

Many an adventurer I have found upon the road, staring with feverish eyes, muttering ‘Just one more map, then I’ll stop’. Clearly sleep-deprived in the worst degree!

And then there is the dangers one should not overlook! I have heard of many an adventurer who returned from such a hunt, severely poisoned. Indeed, now that I think about it, I have to mention something else of grave concern! I have heard of newbies lured into this Curse unwittingly, and being charmed so by a Satyr that they lost all self-will!

Concerned parents should take note! if their children suddenly stare listlessly into the air, muttering words of love, they must know!

Of course, if they are responsive, but respond to everything with ‘I just don’t feel like doing that’, then it is more likely that they’ve found a secret stash of greenleaf. It should be reported to the authorities immediately.

I have heard about the outcry in Nepeth regarding whiteleaf addiction, but really. I do feel that greenleaf is a much more dangerous drug to our youth.

Concerned Raederle

The Gemynd Post responds:

Dear Concerned Raederle,

Prompted by your astute letter, our brave reporters have indeed confirmed the existence of this curse! We will report more on it just as soon as we are finished with this one last map…