Overheard Near Nepeth

Our sources report hearing the following from a farmer living near Nepeth:

“… don’t know why this feller kept wanderin’ through th’ throne room, but ah know it’s a good way t’ get yerself locked up by some o’ them guards they got up there. Took this shifty-lookin’ feller quite a spell to come back out, too, but it di’n’t look like he had a talk wit’ anyone in th’ throne room neither. Mayhap he found some back passage and snuck ’round th’ court, but ‘e had extry dust and maybe a coupl’a fresh cuts ‘n’ bruises to show for it… y’know, ah’d swear he looked like ‘e coulda seen a ghost, ‘e was pale under all that dust. Could just be mah ol’ eyes playin’ tricks on me too, never know…”



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