NostAAlgia Registration Now Open

Registration for NostAAlgia is now available in the Town Hall in Tantallon!

NostAAlgia is a 2003-era version of Ancient Anguish… A world before Infidian, Traits, Artificers, Fluons, 49-hour reboots, levels past 19, and much more. Come relive the memories or marvel at how those oldtimers used to play; stick around and try your hand at an old-school Hall of Heroes experience run for a shot at a fabulous prize!

Remember that you are STRONGLY advised to choose the class you wish to play as BEFORE registering. (i.e., if you make a new alt, don’t register as an adventurer unless you really want to play NostAAlgia as an adventurer…)

NostAAlgia itself will be available for play beginning November 7 and ending November 22. Registration will be available during that time as well.

The main mud will still be available for normal play; NostAAlgia will run on the Anarchy port (6666) though it is not an Anarchy event (normal rules apply!)

Please see my previous posts on the Adventurer’s Board for more information, and do ask if you have any additional questions!

If you are unable to register for any reason, contact a Senator.

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