Keepink: 500k points reached

The exotic artifact collection craze has spread through the realm!

As of Harvestmonth 7, 648, a total of 502 607 points have been gained
by 16 contributors! Several of them report the system as being
addictive to a degree of interfering with the invention of other

When Keepink started her business, she decided that when the magical
threshold of 500 000 granted points was reached, she would hire the
help to make preparations for the next collection display. This point
has now been reached, and enquiries are being made for what the next
collection will focus on. Please send in or post your suggestions!

The current scores are:

Best Artifact Collectors

 1.   Lavalamp         90,604
 2.  Druenarrii        89,868
 3.   Sixclaw          88,869
 4.     Spoo           68,125
 5. Dudemeister        61,076
 6.   Calcium          34,398
 7.  Influenza         20,567
 8. Ashenshugar        16,707
 9.    Zayvin           8,855
10.    Kivrin           6,897

                 Contributors  Total score   Average score
The Courts of Chaos      1       88,869        88,869
The Knights of Drin      3       97,741        32,580
The Monks of Antana      1        4,828         4,828
The Snowfolk             5      133,871        26,774
The Black Bear           1       61,076        61,076
The Scythe               4       48,097        12,024
The guildless            1       68,125        68,125

The Snowfolk have both the highest total contributor count and the
highest total score, while the Courts of Chaos have the highest
average score through one quality contributor!


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