Mystery of the Dragon-Mage Revealed

by Investigative Reporter Formwolf
with minor embellishments by Pihlaja

For years and years, scholars of Anguish have struggled to explain a
strange phenomenon taking place at the Fub’s Fortress: A mage in service
of Fub is reportedly able to morph into a dragon, and has even been seen
together with a dragon egg.

But how can that be, when he is clearly human, and not just that, he is
also despite his typical magely good looks still looking quite pointedly

Our Investigative Reporter has found a very reliable account of this
under the table of the Hobbitat Pub. It reveals that the mage and a red
dragon had a fiery love affair until the Knights brutally put an end to
their happiness, egged on by the bloodthirsty Bartholomew.

So the mage showed up to the site, too late to save his lover but he
valiantly broke through the lines of Knights in a desperate effort to
save the offspring that their forbidden love had created. He barely
escaped with his life to Fub’s fortress under the guise of a huge dragon
to raise the egg he had rescued.

Sadly, their idyllic family life seems to be often interrupted by
unaccepting adventures showing up to disrupt it. It is really not very
easy being a single father of a baby dragon.

To queries about whether the red dragon is certifiably female then, we
encourage the reader to try to ask it to let you check more closely.


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