Agarwaen Knight GM

As announced by Bytre, Knight of Drin:

Friends, Knights, and Anguishmen, lend me your ears!

The great and valiant Mendebar, who has served as our GuildMaster for nearly 8 years, has retired. I do not come to bury Mendebar, but to praise him!

As a Knight Wizard, Mendebar became an assistant GM in late 2006, and was elevated to GuildMaster in late 2007. During his tenure, he not only served as the wizard advocate of the Knights, but also contributed some projects including the “dragon slayer” list, enhanced the Knight’s shop, and reworked the guild titles.

With Mendebar’s retirement, Agarwaen has been raised to the post of Knight Guildmaster. Agarwaen was a knight from his humble beginnings on Ancient Anguish over a score of years past. He has remained connected to the knights during his tenure as a wizard, has coded for the Knights, and has many ideas for new features and enhancements. Please reach out to him with your ideas for the future of the Guild.


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