AA West Coast (US) Meet, est. 2015

It happened! There were adventures! and games! and beer! and art! and nobody got axe-murdered, as far as we’ve been able to tell!

The official meetingplace, as arranged by Everything, was in the hills of Carnation at the beautiful woodland home of our lovely and generous hostess, Basil/Bizarre/Obelina. There was also some premeeting meeting in Seattle itself, at which Kamikaze interacted with art (thanks, Maker’s brother!), Luthien explored the nose of a troll, Maker and Crystallia were surprised by a drum circle, and we all waved at some geese behind a fence.

The first evening (and throughout the weekend, thanks to copious leftovers) we gorged on amazing and apparently endless pizza brought by Maker and Crystallia. They also brought Everything, but after some ethical considerations we decided not to eat him. Games were played, an elephant hat was passed around, scenic views were enjoyed, and although there was talk of camping and stuff, not many actually decided to spend the night outside getting devoured by bears and/or cougars. It was also a bit chilly out there.

The following day, expeditions were launched to explore the nearby Snoqualmie Falls, and after wandering around in the hot sun and splashing a bit in the cold river, we reconvened at the house for Basil’s delicious burgers and mushrooms and more games games games. Ciarrai somehow tracked us down without a wolf. We assume he left it at home so as not to dirty its perfect coat.

During the evening games, Maker and Crystallia presented all attendees with a secret prize they had been labouring over for GeOdie knows how long… Handmade wooden coasters with the Anguish map burned into them symbol by symbol. Some discussion and showing of other map-based crafts followed the unveiling, and then we all fought to the death over who got to keep which part of the map. After a couple minutes of singing with Lars, the games continued.

In the morning we went to visit Basil’s unicorn! And some were even brave enough to ride it. We also saw a piggy there enjoying a nice mud puddle, but are pretty sure it was not The Piggy. The mud puddle may have been a fluon though, those things are everywhere these days.

There were some postmeeting adventures with marmots and a mountain, both of which I highly recommend if you are ever in the region.

A small selection of additional photos is available for viewing.

Much thanks to Everything for instigating the weekend and to Basil for opening her home to internet weirdos! It was wonderful to meet everyone and I look forward to the next AAdventure!


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