The Hopping Plague of 646

It was the middle of Ansmonth, and the snow fell lightly under the waxing gibbous moon when the plague of frogs came to Infidian.

Their way was burned through the frost by a leading wall of lava. In a tight ramdel formation they hopped along behind him into the salt-crusted desert and down, down, down into the darkness. He lit the burrows with gigantic smouldering fireballs. The deadly flames flickered in a thousand shattered reflections on the tough shells of their prey as the frogs lashed and munched and crunched with their tongues.

<FROG TEAM 4> Your party just killed Thraxi high guard.

Between the ravenous frogs and the all-consuming lava, they left no traces of the slaughter. As they hopped back to Tantallon, all that remained was the whispering echo in the desert winds… hriibit… hrriiibit.

Name : FROG TEAM 4               Total XP : 102414     Time : 12 Mins
GrumpyCat the big belcher (nice)
Phylax the green tree frog (good)
Calcium the wall of lava (neutral)
Lalafwava the big belcher (nice)
Alot the big belcher (good)


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