New Arch of Balance

Bytre has retired from the position of Arch of Balance. He has led the Balance team for over two years – no small feat, as he was simultaneously serving as Arch of Mudlib, Minister of Infrastructure, and Minister of Treasure, posts he continues to hold. We are grateful to him for his past and ongoing work.

Kamikaze has been appointed to take Bytre’s place as Arch of Balance. He brings with him many years of experience both as a player and a wizard. Kamikaze joined the wizard community in 2007 and was promoted to Creator status in 2011 following the installaton of his Hasashiyyini Compound. He is also an active member of both the QC and Balance teams, has helped with assorted fixes, and was recently appointed GM of the Scythe Guild after serving as an assistant GM for three years.

His experience, game knowledge, and dedication to Ancient Anguish are a valuable addition to both the Senate and the role of Balance Arch.


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