Town hall meeting 18 Dec 7 EST

Hello, people of AA!

Let’s chat later this month about this game we all enjoy. Please mark your
calendars now and join me for a Town Hall Meeting on Thursday, Dec 18th at
7pm EST (midnight UTC/GMT). I would in particular like to hear your ideas
and concerns about things like new player recruitment, retention, luring
old players back, events / competitions you’d find interesting,
advertising AA, and that sort of thing.

We are all members of this community and I believe we all have things to
offer to help grow and continue the game, from sharing clever ideas to
actively taking part in recruiting new players or organizing fun events for
each other.

There is no meeting time that works for all people, so if you are unable
to attend, you can ask someone to speak on your behalf or send your thoughts
to me ahead of time. (Or after the meeting, if it’s stuff that pops into
your head while skimming the logs.)

If you have an aversion to the in-game mailing system, you can send email
to luthien at or post on the suggestion board.

Be seeing you!
Minister of PR


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