Triumph Over Turkeys

The turkey hunt has ended!

47 players participated in the hunt, picking off the birds one at a time as they fluttered around the world. Near the end of the reboot, the standings were:

1) Levek, 137 turkeys killed
2) Winter, 99
3) Everything, 49
4) Arrikhan, 33
5) Alibi, 29
6) Dahlia, 23
7) Dreamweaver, 21
8) Whitehand, 19
9) Morghan, 17
10) Orifice, 16

The slaughter of these 443 birds was not unnoticed, and as Armageddon foretold the end of the world, there was a sudden invasion on a much larger scale. A fowl angry flock swept over the land, their leaders hidden among them. You, our players, stood your ground and bravely turned these terrible turkeys into palatable poultry by the dozens!

By the end of the reboot, turkeys had been killed in shocking numbers, leaving the post-invasion standings at:

1) Eco, 377 turkeys killed
2) Levek, 293
3) Arrikhan, 209
4) Arachnid, 147
5) Neff, 136
6) Everything, 128
7) Orifice, 126
8) Dahlia, 112
9) Winter, 99
10) Raederle, 82

And those leaders hidden in the flock? Arachnid killed two of them. Everything chased down and killed another.

Unfortunately, one escaped the carnage and was still alive at the end of the reboot. My sources inform me he is on his way back to… wherever turkeys come from, bringing with him knowledge of our land and defences, and will spend the months ahead training new hatchlings for the next invasion.

You have been warned.

Er… I mean, Happy Thanksgiving!

PS, in my initial post-reboot shout, I indicated 48 players had participated in the hunt. On closer review of the battle, it seems this was not correct. The 48th hunter was… a turkey. Any information about the courageous actions of this bird, who fought on our behalf today, is appreciated.


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