Halloween Hunt and Treat results

Brave Luthien reports:

The creepy creatures who have ravaged the lands in years past were
reportedly less common this year, presenting a bit of a challenge for
our brave slayers, but delighting rangers, ficers, and other people with
a fondness for the corpses of local fauna.

37 players participated in the hunt, with a total kill count of 290.

Of those, the top three hunters were:
* Spoo, 92 kills
* Dillinger, 61
* Pandora, 29

While rumours of undeads roaming the countryside did not lead to a
travel warning, the Ancient Anguish Tourism Council appreciates the
efforts of all who took part in the removal of these unsightly

ps, more hunting in a few weeks! turkey carcasses, mmm…

Sweet-toothed Bytre adds:

There was extensive trick-or-treating this year. A total of 816 different
humanoid creatures handed out candy, far more than in previous years. Arch
wizard Bytre was “flabbergasted” that this many treat-giving creatures were
actually in Ancient Anguish!

The top three trick or treaters:

Spoo, who collected 598 pieces of candy
Mbebe, who collecxted 561 candies
Pandora, with a count of 475
Plus runners up Starry (228) and Darksaber (110), who both got more than 100.

Until next year… Happy Halloween!


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