Chaos in the ranks

Once upon a time there were some evil spellcasters who decided to get together and rule the world, only because rules sucked, they just made up their own.

Then they noticed that some of them were not actually spellcasters either, so they gave up on personal comfort and decided it was enough to be chaotic. But fighters, they said, fighters cannot join.

“Why?” said the fighters. “Because!” answered Chaos, in its anti-typical fashion. Then time passed, and many rituals were had, and it was seen that there can be no getting too used to things.

One day a fighter snuck in, dressed up like someone who is not in fact a fighter, and dragging with him a particularly angry-looking dingo. It was expected that he would fit in just fine, even though or especially because it turned out his dingo was actually stolen. By someone else. And the way it smelled, it might as well have been undead. It was a magical moment, all in all.

It takes an extraordinary kind, you see.


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