Descriptive Frosty science

Quoth the Maker:

Hi all, the much awaited update is finally here!

We now have ‘freeze all’ for bulk freezing, and doing so in the deep freezer
is cheaper, but also will automatically drop all frozen items.

Remote crate viewing is now an option! ‘fhelp fcrate’ for details.

For those without internal maps (myself included) you can now login at
the igloo if and only if you also logout there. ‘fhelp flogin’ for details.

‘fhelp directions’ for everyone else. 😉

There is a new friendlier resistance scale.

You must go ‘out’ of the igloo to leave it now, rather than ‘south’.

And most importantly we now have semi custom and situationally
appropriate titles! ‘fhelp ftitle’ for more information, and apply
Science(tm) liberally.



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