Run, Bunny Run

The Easter’s “Run, Bunny Run” event is over! The irrefutable winner is
Precision, who was active through all of the population peaks and
invented the concept of bunny ranches. He was generally making surgical
butterfly axe demolition strikes that left only smouldering craters
behind. Levek came second and Baichu third! In the end, the rampant
bunny populations were subdued but not altogether defeated.

1. Precision: 894
2. Levek: 237
3. Baichu: 117
4. Pumita: 103
5. Yamm: 59
6. Brick: 46
7. Dreamweaver: 21
8. Pulverizer: 11
9. Raederle: 7
10. Spoo, Emeritus: 6

Some Easter highlights:

Emeritus decided to spread the holiday cheer and populated the Tantallon
crossroads with skeletal and mummified bunnies. (Log in Otter’s blog,
which also has the backstory of where all the bunnies came from.)

Otter (98, excluded from list due to being an overpowered organizer)
joined forces with Precision to clear up the arctic areas of a mad
lepine infestation, and still has nightmares of bunnies that go “OMG

Lizard guard, sergeant and mage killed altogether 22 bunnies (the Issla
do not believe in Easter bunnies), and Student studiously stopped one.
One brave bunny (descendant of the rare breed of bandanna-wearing desert
bunnies) hid in the thraxi hyf and according to tale lived there
happily ever after until the end of Easter, chatting up the high guards.

There were a handful Easter Egg hunts as well, all of which were won by
someone! At least Levek, Brick, Pandora, Precision and Otter went on mad
egg-hoarding sprees.


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