EuropAA 2014 aims for June/July, West Coast for 2015

The meet of AA players in Europe (EuropAA) is being planned for this summer again, this time the target times are June/July.

Brain is organizing a West Coast AA meet for the summer of 2015, and asks for the following:

In a year (Summer 2015), I really want this US West Coast convention to
happen and I want to make an appropriate event here. I need to set up a date
fer this to happen. If you were coming, how many days do you want to be in
Seattle during the summer? (It might rain, but not so much around
June/July/August.) Feel free to add options as you see fit.

Any three day weekend starting with Friday.

A four day weekend starting with Friday, ending with Monday.

A five day weekend (we can figure it out later)

A week?!?

Thanks, and I hope you consider showing up!


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