Senate announcement: Ministers, arch change

Players and Wizards of Ancient Anguish,

The Senate is pleased to announce some changes to the rules governing
the administration. “help wizrules” has been updated, with these highlights:

– A new administrative position of Minister has been created. A Minister
is charged with responsibility for a set of tasks by the Senate, carrying
out the vision and direction of the Senate. Ministers do not establish
their own vision for a department as an Arch Wizard does. Five minister
positions are defined, including Minister of Infrastructure, Minister of
Machine, Minister of Web, Minister of Treasury, and Minister of
Public Relations. Full descriptions are in “help wizrules”

– The position of unaffiliated Senator has been dropped. All members
of the Senate are either Ministers or Arch Wizards, and must remain active
to retain their voting rights and role.

– The position of Arch of Driver has been retired. Ancient Anguish has
operated for many years with this position vacant, and with little driver
development ongoing, it is deemed no longer necessary.

– The position of Arch of World and Map has been split into two positions,
Arch of World and Arch of Map.

Additionally, we are proud to announce the following Senate appointments:

– Paldin has been appointed Minister of Machine and Minister of the Web. He
has been unofficially serving in this capacity for some time, and now
formally joining the Senate (again).

– Fir has been appointed as Arch of QC. She has been an active leader in QC
and organizer of development efforts in Ancient Anguish, and will bring
new talents to the Senate.

– Bytre has been appointed Arch of Balance. He has been serving in this
capacity as a temporary Arch for over a year. Bytre will also serve in the
roles of Minister of Infrastructure and Minister of the Treasury, and
continue his acting role as Arch of Mudlib.

– Buxley has been appointed Arch of Map and Arch of World. He formerly
served as the Arch of World and Map and now oversees both departments.

The positions of the Minister of Public Relations and Arch of Mudlib have
not yet been filled.

“help wizardlist” and “help wizrules” have both been updated.

“help minister” has been added.


Bytre also announced the promotion of Mordecai to Creator. Based on
the broad array of projects he has contributed to Ancient Anguish, not to
mention all the work he has done on multiple approval committees, he has
certainly earned the admiration and respect of the community.


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