Year of the fluon

Fluent reporter Brick ran to us with end-of-year news that a shapeshifter, of all things, has climbed to the top of the lifetime experience efficiency list.

Great bogglement ensued, as shapeshifters are thought to be an idling breed, consumed by their compulsive urges to stand still and listen to Ignatious’ life advice in case he should one day accidentally repeat himself. Hardened Scythe veterans shook their heads in disbelief and the fighter’s guild considered going on strike for a second time, the first time having taken place when a mad cleric reached the legendary point of 1700 in weapon skills.

That achieved, Brick promised to take it easier since Egelund is bound to crush him soon anyway. Later Paldin was heard commenting that the thing with spending time in form is exactly that you would not want to spend it just sitting still twiddling your thumbs, a statement that our very own national thumb-twiddling team (which won the Anguish championship of year 634) has discarded as an obvious misquote. But looking at Brick it does seem life is sometimes too short, especially for lifetime efficient people!


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