Special Turkey Report

After a couple of days of turkey hunt madness, a victor has emerged!
– Poldara has won the kill contest, with 170 turkeys killed.
– Spoo came second, with 166 turkeys impaled with his Turkey Spears.
– Virr was third, with 125 turkeys fed to her wolf.
– Brain came fourth, with 121 turkeys reportedly stuffed with shrimp.

Close to the end, the turkeys arose to a full-feathered final
resistance! The streets were awash with bloody feathers!

Wild rumours suggest the turkey uprising was led by a mysterious and
savage creature who would fight (and particularly flee) claw and beak
for the freedom of its people (or higher quality grain feed). We could
not understand the demands of the flighty mob; not even Linguafacilis
allowed us to make any sense out of the turkeys’ gobble. Whether this
creature of fable is but an old women’s poultrygeist tale or real
remains a topic of hot debate.

After the storm, the kill counts just in the top 4 had arisen by
hundreds: Poldara 346, Spoo 216, Brain 167 and Virr 125. Poldara shall
therefore by both counts be the proud new owner of a free issue of The

If you want to hear about your own results, ask Fir, Newt or Paldin.
Thanks to everyone who helped make this event possible, and be prepared
for the next time!


PS. Special canine nutrition reporter Virr notes that her Turkeywolf has
turned out fine and does not seem to have suffered any ill effects on
being fed on nothing but turkey carcasses. Research remains inconclusive
on whether this has made it any better at sniffing out hiding poultry.


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