VAAalentine’s day celebrated with roses

Today, on 14th of Fearmonth, a mysterious admirer has been spotted sending roses to the womenfolk of Ancient Anguish. He cited as his reason the date: Fearmonth 14th is the traditional day of Garomia’s flower shop sales in Nepeth, called the vAAlentine’s Day.

Historians state that the name comes from a reordering of “Ten in a vale”, which refers to how many exotic-coloured flowers Garomia once discovered in a small valley, and decided to celebrate the day of this fortunate surprise (she had expected her search in a vale might not avail) every year with a flower sale.

Garomia would like to encourage everyone to send a flower to their friends and loved ones on this day. Or any other day, really.

As for the mysterious admirer, it seems all the roses sent were yellow – indicating friendship rather than romantic intent. “If I’m gonna send them to all the gals, I got to be careful,” he noted to our inquiring interviewers.


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