Independent Travel Advisory

The Ancient Anguish Tourism Council has published the following travel advisory:

Rumours have recently surfaced regarding the disappearance of several
adventurers in the Kazari Desert far to the south of Tantallon. We
wish to reassure our citizens at this time that these rumours are
completely false.

In fact, it is known that small desert caves are excellent places for
tired travelers to beat the heat.


– the Ancient Anguish Tourism Council

We are highly concerned that this travel advisory is in fact made with the interests of tourism councils more than the interests of travellers in mind. Everyone knows that the Kazari Desert has caused disappearances of reporters in the past already, rumours pointing to the northwest parts of the desert, and now they are saying the caves there are safe?

What if some assassins find you sleeping in the cave! Sure, the shade may be refreshing, but you should take care to not stay too long! And you do know everything in the desert is probably either poisonous or otherwise harmful, right? Deserts are not good for you!

We are hiring new reporters for exploring these new rumours, please sign up at the Gemynd pub – where the most dangerous thing you encounter is the beer!

(Acknowledgements: Buxley for original travel advisory. I need to start keeping manual track of these…)


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by byakushin on October 2, 2013 at 7:55 pm

    Buxley has relayed the following message from Bolder:


    I can’t say I full understand his message, but I have been asked by
    Bolder of the Shapeshifters’ Enclave to pass along the following

    My fellow rocks:

    You should take care to spend your time in quiet contemplation and
    roll around only when absolutely necessary.

    Under no circumstances should you be riding landslides because it’s
    “fun”; even if you are in granite form.



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