Dear Laggy: Peacekeepers

Dear Laggy,

As a regularly up-standing citizen (especially when bolas have been involved) I would like to voice my grave concern about the Gemynd peacekeepers having so loose clothes that they regularly seem to fall off them at the city gates. I have picked up several pairs of shirts and baggy pants there of late.

Luthien has said she has nothing to do with this either, although I got the impression she was also concerned that the poor fellows might be suffering from too much hotness.

It is imperative that the peacekeepers be given very tight uniforms that do not fall off. As a shapeshifter I know from experience that getting back home after you forget where you stashed your spare clothes can be quite an effort in stealthiness.

Do you know who I should petition for this development?

Yours truly,

Anonymouus Water Rodent


Laggy responds:

Dear Anonymous Water Rodent,

Thank you for your question. My sources in Gemynd reveal that there can be no changing the peacekeeper uniforms! They are a time-honoured tradition passed down by generations of peacekeepers who would probably not have happened in the first place if they were any different.

Yours fluidly,



Editor-in-chief comments:

Please comment with more letters to Laggy so that we can keep the quality of this column just a little bit higher, dear readers.



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