Second EuropAA meet questions paternal relations

The second European AA meet took place in August, with just about the same crew as last time. Calandryll surprised us all by mysteriously having turned into a little girl, but we adjusted quickly. (After all, he spends most of his time as an elf mage.)

We met up with Wong after a successful application of mind-reading techniques and advanced strategy in the absence of any sober messenger pidgeons. As the story unfolded and special chocolate of deep learning was exchanged, we started to suspect that Calandryll might not be himself (nor herself) after all. We soon learned that he was in fact absent, reportedly stuck after going mining in a treasure map cave.

Showing a high degree of built-in evil (or saintliness), Oark guided us to an outlet of a high-class sweets factory. There, among other things, were one-libra sacks of collected samples and wallfuls of unforeseen addictive blends. All in all, it made at least this reporter very happy of having packed particularly lightly… Meanwhile we were updated that Calandryll had gotten on the Tantallon coachline service, and would take but a little while to get to us.

There was a surprise mobile amusement park next to the factory, so we went to give it a spin. True to her Finnish genetics, Fir demonstrated ballistic prowess by flinging angry-bird-shaped balls at green pig jars with a slingshot. In a nearby air rifle stand, the gun-toting Monk GM proceeded to threaten Wong with acute blinding by aggressive shrapnel, but he managed to escape unscathed. Kamikaze’s aim was better (and luckily he was not out to mutilate anyone at the time). On our way out, we offered a spoonful of cotton candy to the local wasp gods, who in return were willing to pose for a shot and promised good giant wasp harvest in southwestern woods for the coming year. Inspired by this, Calandryll ate some greenleaf cookies, took off his clothes and dashed off into the forest to live in harmony with nature.


We also took a day trip to Cologne to check out the local water and other sights. Some kind of race was going on there. Forerunners dressed in pink told us that Calandryll had been caught into the Drakhiya harem, potentially during his dash in the woods.

Before we headed out, Oark took us to a church built by Monks who were told to not make it too pretty first, then allowed to add a bit of colour, and during the last decade snuck in a bit extra colour. The place looked just like AA: elaborately beautiful in sneaky ways due to certain limitations set to expression (like being textual). A very fitting place! Cal was unable to make it, unfortunately, having wandered around deep in thought and accidentally fallen through the mist enclosing our world. We will set out a search party to find him.

Some of the best moments, again, were in the evenings and mornings around the big table, where the world was improved, drinks and jams were sampled, sensitive people with no ability to read Oark’s poker face mentally damaged, and Calandryll’s misadventure with a mysterious delivery of 27 whiteleaf essence bottles reminesced upon. Sleep deprivation was all forgotten thanks to a mirror clock that made time move backwards.

The most important life lesson we learned: When a small girl points at you and enthusiastically announces, “I am your father!” the correct answer is “Nnnooooo!” and optionally clutching your stump of a wrist in agony. Search your feelings, you know it to be true!

A ton of other things have been omitted for space again; you just have to be there for the rest. Until next year!

(This is one of the side windows. Check out the closer-up.)


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