Anagram madness

Today, the gameline broke off in anagram madness! Here are some for you to exercise your brain on:

1. gremlim (weapon)
2. tree pacs (weapon)
3. farts nor fafta (weapon)
4. chair furor moo (armour)
5. pavement slays (place)
6. art nut reek (weapon)
7. rabid see volt howl did (weapon)
8. I cee hot EU rant (NPC)
9. A cliched, teethed rush (NPC)
10. Zarra, Kanraz, Kanraza (3 NPC names)
11. nor shoc (wizard)
12. eagle fillipa mudd tall (armour)
13. Tarp Etch Elk (NPC in Tantallon)
14. Smothered thrift genom (NPC in Tantallon)
15. all Carl Dyn (player)
16. Hatched under stool and knonfl (NPC in Tantallon)
17. Riatas gasses ganjah (NPC)
18. Gceltthaa (player)
19. komodraak (weapon)
20. Hereto (place)


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