From the Poet Board: Odeic overflow

Odious sentiments
by Wispy

Ode to Frosty: Oh, thou frozen beast of slushee ice, To my hot heart your
whims devise- a cold reality, for I may only be, A melting touch, an immortal
sigh, or else you’ll fry.

Ode to Tanuki
: Hark! What’s this I hear? A snicker? With Orifice he does
bicker! Dear Tanuki, thou laughs like a lilting lute. Snicker on, Tanuki.
Snicker on.

Ode to Shiftpile
: I wear a bracelet, meticulously shaped into the midnight
hours. And it twinkles and sparkles and shines- hey, where did I put my wine?
And now I see so clearly it smarts, as away he darts, a wine mustache upon
Shiftpile’s lips.

Ode to Luthien: She has mastered the art of snark. oh, yes. Gentleman and
ladies writhe at her feet, while waggishly she jingles and jangles to their
heartbeats. Facetious woman, have you no shame? Is nothing sacred? Hey, why
are you laughing?

Ode to Tlachtgae: It’s a cat! It’s a spaceship! It’s Tlachtgae! Over the
world she soars, spanking the villainous hordes in a frenzy of feline
ferocity. But ‘lo, she affectionately graces the upstanding with gentle
floggings, as well. So be noble, sir, for although her gentler touch is not
something to be feared, her judgement may find you smarting and swollen and
regretting. So be noble, sir, be noble.

Ode to Eru: Beware the snuggle of Eru! For he cuddles not for his own gain,
but to swell the hearts of man until they burst with groping affections. And
thou willst fall prey to his purrs like a child to a kitten’s and softness
and fuzziness will prevail over the lands as his snuggle deafens the ear of
the aloof.

Ode to Wispy
by Mbebe

Whisper in the dark, hidden treasure… will she leap out from
her oyster and devour your bait? Oh! – but no one can see her, for she has
many shapes! Bubbly butterflies blind you awake, awed awareness. Wiser will
you be, dancing with the cats.

Ode to Fir
by Mbebe

(This ode’s original magnificent visual form can only be seen on the poet board, alas.)

Bee on rose
Rose can grow

Bee in sky
Sky so blue

Bee not sting
Bee will die
(Just like you)

Bee on tree
Bee is tree

In her hive
Happy queen
Happy queen

Oh, yeah?
by Wispy

Ode to Newt: Don your sunscreen, for the radiating amphibian lurks quite
close, and you are amusing him. Yea, his laughter threatens to glow past all
your shields, and indeed you will yield, as spryly he leaps from the ground,
to your foot, to your nose. And leaves you cross-eyed.

Ode to Mbebe: He prances through the forest, hugging trees, inspiring the
bees and the birds to be quite absurd, eyes dancing to and fro with a
merriment aglow. You would do well, to treat your neighbor swell, for his
fingers are always tangled in a spell.

You too can join the odeists’ opposition on the poet board!


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