High tide for house boat market

The Tantallon house boat market is on the rise. Real estate consultant Tanuki estimates that developments in the pricing structure of centrally located fixed housing continues to make the mobile, vessel-based residences more attractive. “All the charts I’ve drawn are pointing upwards, as you can see here on this chart,” he illustrates.

So far, the center for this strongly rising market has been at the town crossroads, where the sea view is a rock’s throw away but the gulls are also less aggressive. The largest boat-based villas have been 5-to-7-room apartment complexes, while the typical price-conscious homeowner will settle for a single-room studio. Instead of being bought, these apartments are typically rented from a shack near the harbour.

Marcus the boat rental agent says that he has not considered this kind of use of his boats when he was building and furnishing them, but he reports a sudden increase in customer interest towards boats with softer seating and other “ludicrous pish-posh”. …We foresee this may create an opening for alternative business arising to retrofit row boats with silk curtains and suchlike.

As a landlord (or boatlord, as it may be), Marcus seems to be reasonably flexible. He does not worry so much about additional leaks in the returned boats or pull deposits on flaking paintwork. To avoid overheating the market, he sets a limit to how many boats he is willing to rent out to any single customer, however.

“What’re ye scribblin’ down there? I don’ rent more ‘n one boat ’cause people won’t return ’em! They don’ ‘overheat’, them’s boats! Now git out ‘n let me get back to work!” the boat rental agent adds analytically, after carefully admiring the meticulous handwriting of our fine economical reporters.


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