Flowers overpower Tantallon

It was on a sunny day in Tuulneas when suddenly Shiftpile asked, “Why are there flowers here?” It turned out that plants of a feather flock together…

Shiftpile was busy having a debate on cactus aesthetics with a congregation of tulip, rose and lily of the valley when our reporter showed up. (Calandryll had suggested that the defloration of the city center would soon be reported by the Dalairi press, so we had to beat the writers of that stinking fish wrap to the scoop!)

The situation was soon declared a floral demonstration at the Tantallon crossroads. Several additional shapeshifter flowers, including Polymorph the mimeon mimicking the others, soon appeared to participate in the uprising. They demanded sacrifices – and no plain shrubberies would do!

As it became clear that the demonstrators refused to back-petal on their requirement for offerings, Corki, Spoo, Bass and Riddick arrived to provide. By the time we got knocked out by the overwhelming perfume at the site, 32 different flowers were already a part of the movement!

The most incredible flower discovered must be the “napalm death-coloured wildflower”, brought in by Spoo. A close second in terms of creativity would be a folded parchment flower, though. Several of the offerings, such as avalanche lilies, lovely lupines, white roses and cream coloured flowers our reporters could not guess the picking location of – just the things for a scavenger hunt.

The flower children thank all who participated!


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