Favourites of the Press 2012

In honour of the 20th anniversary, the perfectly objective and neutral press of AA has decided to grant Favourites of the Press titles to thank extraordinary folks for making AA cool. If you feel your favourite is not in this list, you ought to be making your own suggestion on the praise board or by mailing Letters for next year!

To celebrate this grand gala event, and because an hour earlier Sockpuppet and Hephaestia randomly happened to suggest it, we also held a celebratory Monk Picnic at the Neville temple gardens. It was also a sort of a closing for the anniversary year, with birthday cake, veggie sandwiches, chocolate, wine, ale and various bakery products. Doublezz brought dates, drugs and a maze for dessert. Visiting part-Monks Smiths, Ditzy, Calvin, Mbebe and Newt joined the Monk crew, which included Wispy and Fir in addition to the aforementioned. Orifice was cautious of using free alcohol as a recruitment method, and opted to only participate in spirit.

Without further ado, here are the Favourites of the Press 2012:

Pai, Senior Door Mage and Bookworm Extraordinaire.

Brother Pai the enlightened has been one of the first cornerstones of the unrelenting group who these days plant dozens of dimension doors around the realm to make distant worlds be close for the rest of us. He has also received praise as a good friend and for bringing colour to the realm. We will miss him!

Bazhi, Craziest Completion (Later Reopened).

Bazhi was the first player to reach the unreachable level 50, the first non-fighter to reach the maximum skill in all weapons, and later to the first and so far only person to pop the maximum amount of experience that was possible to gain on AA. He died a few times on the way, too, despite being thoroughly munchkin at the time. The maximum has since then been worked around, and Ancient Anguish did not meet a fiery end at the final experience point after all. Bazhi is still around, but rumour does not tell what he is working on now. He is praised as a helpful guildmate and good friend.

Scarecrazy, Little Mother of Ancient Anguish.

For me, Scarecrazy is long-time mentor, encourager and protector of sanity. For many others, she is the person who got them to join us or come back, motivation to keep going, or simply the person who seems to be able to get along with just about anyone. For producing this social glue at our volunteer workplace, she is nominated Little Mother of Ancient Anguish.

Thank you!


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