Memorial room, updates and Holiday Stars

The Monks of Antana mourn the passing of their fallen Brothers and Sisters with a new memorial room. Go there to say your final goodbyes to Monks who have made an impression on your life. And try out the gong while you’re at it.

This addition was brought to you by Wispy and Newt.

In other news, a bunch of bugs have been fixed again, grisly details can be found at the bugs board. But as a specific note, there’s minor additional features as well:

Wielded weapons can now be referred to as ‘primary weapon’, ‘main-hand flail’, ‘off-hand knife’ and various other syntaxes. The help file for wield will be updated shortly.

Decker’s accepts ‘sell all torch/etc’ syntax now. Once the bugs are found and squished, this will be extend to other shops and ‘buy all x’ added as well.

Two rounds of Holiday AA Stars were run, with Levek, Zeroth and Dragonblood winning the first batch, and Levek, Nym and Dragonblood the second. (Is there some kind of pattern here?) Facebook announcements for upcoming stars/trivia in 1-2 hours turned out to pull in several additional players. Thanks all for playing!


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