The wrath of the turkeys

On a fine night of Nethory of 629, a gobbling sound could be heard in the distance. We had gotten used to the idea that every couple of years, the turkey population would peak in… that place they live in normally, and cause them to wander out of their homes and appear even in the outskirts of Tantallon.

But this time, something was wrong. The sound was getting louder.

Much louder.

Suddenly, we found ourselves under assault by a deranged flock of turkeys! Rumour got out that they had leaders that were particularly vicious, but it is hard to tell one turkey apart from another so a surgical strike was impossible. We took down three wave leaders, two of whom landed fell into Otter’s claws and promptly expired before causing extensive harm. Darvinia took care of the third.

It took almost an hour before Tantallon was liberated; the streets ran red with blood and turkey carcasses piled up everywhere. Armageddon threatened that he would bring down fire and brimstone to be sure that every last turkey would be dealt with.

We managed to fight back the turkey invasion this time. Word has it that this has happened before, long ago. Varys the numerologist has calculated that the strange events of today may yet recur as the history moves in cycles, and the fowl will strike with even greater numbers. Protesters in Nepeth demand that the King prepare his armies for the worst, while peacekeepers in Gemynd have started training on how to not be debilitated by binge eating. It never hurts to prepare, after all.

Update 28.11.2012: Reporter’s eye-mind-finger connection failed again; turkey-killer name corrected.


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    Fun fact: The tags WordPress suggests for this post are ‘middle east’, ‘libya’ and ‘aviation’.


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