Trick or Treat!

To support the spirit of turn from the darkest period of the year towards the light, all players got extra creepy Halloween login greetings this year. Artists for Easter greetings as well as any other holidays we support (or should support) should contact Fir.

In response to the challenge of hauling around massive amounts of candy, the traditional Halloween trick-or-treat race was this year supported by new treat bags provided by Donal ye Guiser. The bags successfully kept treaters’ candies organized while they roamed the realm, fiercely looking for targets for their sweet extortion.

Bytre reports that Pitfall led the candy scramble, trick or treating with 498 separate people on Ancient Anguish! Mbebe was second, at 454 candies (reportedly breaking his previous record of about 250), and Nym third, racking up 396 pieces of tooth rotting goodness.

Our brave reporters were confident that raking up 321 candies would surely be enough to get a medal this year, but no! The competition was truly fierce. Last year’s winner Bazlephrat had 301 trick-or-treats, in comparison. The Gemynd Post congratulates all the winners!


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