Otter’s Nefarious Adventures at Drakhiya

I was challenged into a battle of extremely questionable character, but being extremely open-minded, I accepted!

It was an educative experience.

I learned that standing guard for long hours and low pay makes you susceptible to all kinds of things. Even though this susceptibility may still translate to needing a lot of trying.

I learned that a rich orc mistress’s life is really quite hard, even though no one really understands it.

I also learned that it’s sometimes really hard to tell if a serpentari is a he or a she (sorry, ma’am, it’s just that those practical clothes…). And that too heated advances on male serpentari may make them suddenly hurry off to the temple for some strange reason.

I found that trying to seduce azhad tradesmen for lower prices is really hard.

I also found out that palace guards do not respond well to my advances while someone’s killing them. But it can give an entirely new meaning to giving someone a “cold shoulder”. (If you give one to Chronos, he’ll throw it into the oven.)

I got hints for dressing better from a harem girl.
Afterwards, I got the royal torturer warmed up hotter than his coals – but we found our tastes for strange are incompatible; he’s into clamping my hand with vises, I’m not. (I’m starting to feel I need a scalp book for my conquests now.)

And finally, as surely as they’re not made of cold hard brass, with enough skill and effort, they should definitely go down!


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