Poet Board: But I remember

But I remember, by Tiaowu

He never calls, rarely writes,
We couldn’t talk without a fight.
He never wished me Happy Birthday,
Until it was a day too late.
But I remember poetry,
Coffee shops, storytelling, and when he said,
“You’re my best friend, Daughter,
“I love you, Daughter.”

He doesn’t cuddle after sex,
Nor does he want a relationship.
Years go by, he calls twice.
He told me once that I was ice.
But I remember mountain tops,
Tangled snuggles, analysis, and when he said,
“You’re my best friend, Darling,
“I love you, Darling.”

She doesn’t think too well of me,
It’s only darkness she can see,
I strive to please, but just offend,
Now there’s nothing left to mend.
But I remember silly songs,
Laughing, giggling, and when she said,
“You’re my best friend, Honey.
“I love you, Honey.”

Faces flash before my eyes,
I see their anger and their strife.
I want to scream, “Go away!
“Or I can’t stay another day!”
But I remember smirking lips,
How they look at sunrises, and when they say,
“Thank you for being here, Lady,
“I like you, Lady.”


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