EuropAA meet collects collectors, spreads RPS

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Ancient Anguish some more, a group of players on the other side of the Atlantic organized another face-to-face meet in in some strange corner of Germany on the last weekend of August. Oark was the perfect host, having invited us to his own house – ‘us’ being Wong, Kamikaze, Calandryll and Fir.

The weekend was packed with program, with barely enough time to sleep in between.
On Friday we visited a nearby lake, where we discovered scuba divers and mysterious geese that might have been huge ducks. (They will probably show up on the shores of Infidian sooner or later.) After it started to rain, we retreated to a beergarden to sample the local brews. Back at the house, Oark fed us pretzels (my first!), a carefully collected sample of more beer and other alcoholic substances, such as Federweisser and Radler; as the single non-drinker in the group I was entirely incapable of memorizing the full list (I got my own drink bar instead).

On Saturday, just before Wong arrived, we visited a nearby castle, Nideggen. It had nice open areas high up with incredible views. While I used the opportunity to execute some very, very careful hyposensibilization of my fear of heights up in the castle tower, Kamikaze braved the gusty wind to catch a panorama shot from the wall, and mysteriously failed to die gorily in a long fall down to the rocks. After a quick round in ye olde castle towne, we headed back to meet a just-arrived Wong.

After some excellent soup that Oark coldly threatened us all into eating, we headed to the Aachen cathedral, which our professional tour guide explained was the first thing to get UNESCO protection in Germany. We groped for the devil’s finger in a door knocker’s mouth, saw what a wolf looks like after its soul gets pulled out through its chest, and were sadly unable to make off with the ancient throne of German kings. But we managed to cryptanalyze one obfuscated wall plaque that probably also described the location of ancient treasure. We did not read that far, though, because we already found out where the treasure chamber was from the newer wall signs.

In the evenings, Calandryll and I caused destruction and mayhem with white and black stones (1 win, 1 loss, several stones of handicap). Once Kamikaze and Wong had sampled enough of Oark’s brews, I managed to infect them with RPS; now they will never be the same again. In return, I got suckered into playing Texas Hold’em, but it was worth losing all my money.

We also organized some completely bonkers group photos that will take a few rounds of post-processing to make sense.

The remaining half of the story I must leave out due to having been sworn to secrecy. You’re just going to have to join us next year when we celebrate the first time AA turns 21 and legally becomes a full-grown adult. Or the year after that, because 22 definitely has to be celebrated, because it has two 2s, or 23 because it is prime! The preliminary date is the second-last weekend of August. (I just set that right now, come RPS me for it if you dare.)


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  1. Posted by Krystal on September 12, 2012 at 10:01 pm

    Love the photo! Thanks for the giggles!


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