20nd AAnniversary event completed

The 20th anniversary of Ancient Anguish was celebrated by a get-together in Philadelphia on the June-July weekend. There was food, live music and most importantly merriment, as participants from near and far, including US east coast, California, Australia and South Africa gathered to celebrate the long existence of our MUD.

(For comparison, some other games introduced in 1992 that I recognize from the list include Commander Keen: Keen Dreams, Final Fantasy V, Cocktel Vision’s Inca, Mega Man 5, The Lost Vikings, Pinball Dreams, SimLife, Ultima VII and Wolfenstein 3D.)

Rumour has it that Bazhi found time to both go to the AAnniversary party and to appear as best player for the week. Possibly being level 50 helps with effectiveness.

If you missed this event, Oark is planning on organizing an AA get-together in Europe in Germany, potentially in the last weekend of August. Contact him and/or Fir if you’re interested in more information; details will be posted on the adventurer board, Gemynd Post, the Ancient Anguish Facebook group as the plot thickens.

In other news, Oliver has retired as Arch of Mudlib after 4 years of being in charge of projects affecting the under-the-hood core of Ancient Anguish.


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