Dangerous Criminals at White House?

Honest Andy notes the White House in Gemynd has just come up for sale.

Theryn reports:

I was speaking to Constable Picckard of the Neville Constabulary recently.
He said that there are some dangerous criminals currently in hiding.

These criminals are so dangerous that Constable Picckard is offering a
larger bounty to entice the bounty hunters among you.

If one of these criminals comes out of hiding, Constable Picckard will
shout out the name to encourage a swift capture.

Coincidence? We think not!

Fir is also offering extra warm hugs to anyone who can tag Expresso and then run from his revenge without being tagged in return in full hardcore Brog-style (no quitting or hiding in saferooms). The hugs are extra warm because he is extra dangerous.


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