Gemynd housing district and updates

Honest Andy reports that after some necessary last-minute street repairs, the Gemynd housing district has now been opened for real estate business. For some reason, our reporters failed to gain an invitation to enter The White House to evaluate its internal architecture and design.

In other news, Elmor is now more helpful to people wanting to ‘try’ out the merchandise.

Other small updates, as reported by Fir:

  • Haunted manor population should not be breeding uncontrollably, again, for the last time, finally, or at least until we fix that for the next time
  • Small typofix to Reza as reported by an act of necrophilia
  • Some woodsy rooms are no longer gclaimable due to issues with wind
  • Ranger observe etc should no longer cost sps when target is not in room (as suggested by Havoc and Kivrin)
  • You no longer go to heaven (the one with Leo in it) by giving Hopkins Special Water (best debugging OMGWTF moment ever)
  • Pink striped underwear is now evaluateable by fighters (thanks to Gutter, and Kryptonic for donating his pair for scientific purposes) without hurting their sensitive minds too much.

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