A Developer’s Diary, take 3: Statistics

Long time no write! As you can probably see from previous posts, we have
gotten the process for small projects pretty much operational. There are still several large projects that should be going in by the end of the year and that have made huge progress in the last few months. Unfortunately the meticulous review system we have is particularly fragile at the final steps and for large additions, where the pool of people available to progress the work gets notably smaller.

Let me give you some statistics. There are over a hundred projects
actively tracked by our approval queue; the total goes well over 200 but
80 of that number are assigned as inactive, i.e. that the author is no
longer working on them. The projects vary in size from reasonably
straightforward bugfixes to projects larger than big areas. They are in
different stages of progress but all have been complete enough to submit
for review.

About half of the active projects await on the author to do something,
most of them for quite a while. Less than a third awaits a reviewer to
do something – mostly in categories where we have structural weaknesses
in work delegation – and a bit under a third have been installed or are
very close to it for the last two months. Just a bit under 30 projects
on top of the active projects are approved, but are chunks of larger
wholes and cannot be installed by themselves.

In the last half year, we’ve had 30 projects in and 50 projects out
(approved), which means we’ve actually shrunk the total queue size by
almost a fifth by active work assignment and a buttload of Getting
Things Done. Making clear percentage statistics is skewed by when the
queue happens to be cleaned up of installed projects, though, so let me
just wave my hands a bit on this part. From January to March, the queue
has been on fire – we had on the order of 40 projects moving in the
queue every month, although only the smallest have a chance of going
through the whole queue in just a month.


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