Byakushin’s journal – day 3

Dear diary,

Today, I decided to try my hand at artistic expression. I learned that my guild, the Snowfolk, are running a contest on ice sculptures, with some kind of a global prize to be won based on the fascination of the audience.

Alas, at my level of experience, sculpting turned out to be somewhat more difficult than I expected. I was going for a thought-evoking piece depicting the importance of free press, with a hint of self-irony and a sprinkling of expressionistic impressions of realistic romances, but ended up with a lump of ice that was not very articulate at all.

In the end, I decided I had better head out to get some more training before giving the contest a new try. You just wait, my dear competitors with cute sculptures of otters and arctic foxes and studies on agony, clockwork gardens and doom! I will be back!

The top rated sculpture this week is Remaker’s “Joy”:

A miniature of Otter lays prostrate in a desert oasis under the shade of
a minute palm tree. In her hands is the smallest cone of Cloudberry ice
cream ever seen! A tiny grin is plastered on Otter’s face.

Among recent additions are also Arctic Hunter by Desiree:

You see before you a pristine snowfield with a single set of paw prints
marring the scene. As your eyes following the tracks you spot the most
beautiful arctic fox, camouflaged against the snowdrifts. His fir looks
so soft and fluffy, but don’t be fooled if you put your hand too close
you could lose a finger or two. Shiny black eyes and little black nose
are the only things you can make out clearly of this cleverly concealed
arctic hunter.

Beware’s “Mischievous Otter” was highest rated a few days ago:

A small, lithe otter crouches here, her claws sharp and glistening
against the ground. You notice an intelligence in her eyes and an impish
look on her face. You have always been told that otters are playful
creatures, but you do not think it is play on the mind of this one.

I have yet to find out what the whole thing is with Snowfolk and small aquatic mammals.

Addendum: I just tagged Bazhi! Fear the press!


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