Some minor updates

I may have forgotten to report some of these updates from the start of the year, so piling up a pack of them.

The Newbie and Geographical Society lines now respect players’ squelch settings.

Waterwalking ability wearing off while on a river now does not leave the player in the river.

‘Who’ing a player now shows if they are linkdead.

The traditional “fish is not a living thing!” message has been finally capitalized.

More obscure bugfixes were made to greasy meat and to one mystery room truncation, and locked doors. Necromancers and Scythers got a bit of of buglove too.

A bunch of werewolves have been fixed to put an end their obscure phase-of-the-moon breeding problem.

Belt of Giant and mage Deeppockets no longer lose their contents in any situation.

Treasure hunt monsters should be behaving notably better, such as not attacking from afar or stopping themselves from running away. The healer types got a bit tougher as a side effect. Further bugs have been discovered since.

The cleric heal player now looks a bit less boring.

According to a recent post on the ranger board, sinew and feather clumps can soon be pulled from a pack a bit at a time, as requested by multiple players. Thanks, Newt!

Update: the sinew and feather clumps project has been installed! Also, mangrove pit vipers are more responsive now.


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