Boomer Boom – A Duet

(This posthumously reordered shout performance was inspired by Vengaboys’ “Boom Boom Boom Boom” (the backbone), Outhere Brothers’ “Boom Boom Boom”, The Beatles’ “Help!”, Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”, some random 90s kids’ show, and three bad bola puns.)

Whoa-oh whoa-oh x 2
Slayer chicks are back in town!
Whoa-oh whoa-oh x 4

If you’re undead and you need a stake
Someone to make you forget your hungers
Just stay awhile, baby
Feel my prayers
I’ll be your slayer tonight

So you think you can beat me and leave me to diiiie!?
Oh, lady. Can’t do this to me, lady.
Just gotta get out! Just gotta get right outta herrrre!

Whoa-oh whoa-oh
This is what I wanna do
Whoa-oh whoa-oh
Let’s see some blood
Whoa-oh whoa-oh
One-on-one just me and you
Whoa-oh whoa-oh

Mordecai: Boom BOOM BOOM! Let me hear you say Wayo! Wayoooo!

Boom boom boomer-boom
I’ll drop your dex of doom
Then we can fight together
From now until forever
Boom boom bola-boom
What, leaving me so soon?
I’ll ball-gag you with leather
Stay with me in this room!

HELP! I need somebody!
HELP! Not just anybody!
HELP! You know I need someone!

Whoa-oh whoa-oh
You, my dear, are going down
Whoa-oh whoa-oh
Slayer chicks are back in town

Mordecai: Newt! Save me!

Lars remarks: You gotta fight! For your right! To paaaaaaarttyyy!

Skiddamarinky dinky dink.
Skiddamarinky doo.
I run from youuuuu!!

Fir: (Whoa-ohs and Whoos and choruses continue, because that’s how it goes in the original song.)


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