Mudding with phones

(Warning: out-of-themedness imminent; this is a public service post.)

There was a long mudding with phone clients thread on Facebook and the
topic comes up occasionally on chat lines too, so I thought I’d
summarize what data I have on my hands. Note that I don’t play with my
phone (it’s one for calling only), I’m just repeating what I’ve heard
said about the different clients.

This post will be updated as needed. Corrections and additions are very welcome.

1) Yes, people play on phones. No, it’s not mind-blowingly awesome, but
seems to work out.
– Apparently Swype and voice recognition can be used to help the eternal
typing issue a bit – for the chatting side, at least.

2) Any telnet client will work, of course, and there’s more options for those.
– Mocha Telnet Lite – example free telnet client on the App Store
– iSSH – has been used to telnet in too

3) For more specialized mud clients, there’s a handful of choices brought up:

– $5ish, word on the street says it’s good for iOS
– “best one so far”, fully customized move control, tested in (level 1) combat

TMC Mud Client (From The Mud Connector, for iPhone):
– has buttons, but needs some tweaking, e.g. alias N to n, E to e, etc.
– Sickness had an issue with an instant disconnect at login when testing
this on iPad, suspected there might be some configuration needs

Blowtorch (for Android)
– Multiple people recommend / say they use it

– $3, “works fairly well but crashes if you tag with a spammy party”

– “it’s not on the appstore” (?)
– “works like telnet but you have to open and close the keyboard”


– “This one isn’t good”

– Glitches out

Updates: 28 Jul 2014 after listening to Blake test a bunch of clients (thanks!)

6.8.2015: See also:


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  1. As far as mobile clients go, MUDMaster is a good choice if you want to preserve screen real estate. The keyboard is transparent, so you can see what’s going on behind it, and it has pretty good support for triggers and macros, which make the whole “playing a text-based game on a tiny screen” thing a bit easier. There were a few on your list I haven’t come across yet (namely Blowtorch and Sickness). I’ll have to check them out and add them to the list of MUD Clients at


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