Nineveh caught violating Charky

Last week, Nineveh was bountied for 1000 coins “for violating a no-contact ban with Charky”. He had filed for such a ban earlier himself, citing continued harassment from the old haggler.

When interviewed, Nineveh complained that after Charky had been following him all day, his last “Do you sell the mace?” made him want to let the old haggler have it already. (Spiked end first.) But instead, he went to Dibbs to file a no-contact ban, which was granted in amusement.

Dibbs was less amused when Charky ran to him a couple of days later, screaming assault and battery. So he bountied Nineveh. The Bear cleric soon showed up to argue that he had not laid a finger on the man, and produced an eyewitness who swore that a sudden rain of hail and rocks had appeared out of nowhere and struck Charky down. At the time, Nineveh had merely been muttering to himself and fiddling with his holy symbol to ease his nerves, nothing more.

While Dibbs was busy trying to decide who was telling the truth, Charky happened to ask him, “Do you sell the law form?”

Nineveh’s bounty was quickly lifted.


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