Amazing discovery

Back in the day, a nameless mage ran his workshop by Levin River. The
story has it he was experimenting on various bizarre things, but their
exact nature remains unknown: one night, the entire workshop was
obliterated in a nasty accident (which may or may not have involved
potatoes). Rumours abounded that some of his experiments might have
washed into the sea, and some fishermen claimed that some of the fish
got weirder as a result as well, although this was never proven.

Time passed, grass grew, and the now forested over workshop site has
not been attracting treasure hunters for years. The story of the
strange mage was all but forgotten.

Then one day, word got out that some curious collectors had indeed
discovered some items of magical nature, suspected to have come from
that very workshop. So far we have not been able to figure out what
exactly these items are, but we are convinced they must be something
totally amazing.

The rumours have so far caused acute overfishing all over Anguish; Memento was the first to report finding a magical item, noting that he could now die a happy man. Pseudomodo came close to fishing out the Caliph’s real name as well.

In other news, Achrya’s enchanters have reinforced the energies in her medallions. Adventurers may notice an improved protective effect.


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