Coachline mystery solved!

April Fool’s week belatedly presents: Mysterious Mysteries, part 1.

Have you ever wondered who this mysterious “Etu” is who owns the coach line business according to the tickets?


Well, we have! And we sent out our brave reporters and their caffeinated assistants to explore this matter!

After a few cups too many, they came up with an explanation: The coachline is, in fact, run by two white, talking, ventriloquist horses, who are probably called “E” and “E, too”. We are unable to tell them apart for long enough to determine which is which.

To test this theory, we incapacitated the regular, frog-faced drivers, who we know as Eddie and Pathorien. From the continued announcements and the coach running just as it was, we realized that not only do the horses know exactly what they are doing without the driver’s help, but they can also announce the arrival of the coach in the same voice as we have identified with the driver until now!

How mysterious is that! We suspect that the horses are in league with Maigyn, the owner of the magic store. Or possibly they ran into some kind of trouble with her to end up pulling coaches, who knows.


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